Allsafe Scaffolding, an Oxfordshire based company specialising in the erection of scaffolding chose the Norbar NorTronic® to verify pre-tightened joints.

For safe and reliable connections between scaffold tubes and the securing clamping
assemblies, a torque value of 50N·m must be applied; this task is manually performed by use of a mechanical torque wrench by the Allsafe assembly team.

Although Allsafe Scaffolding had been accurately applying torque to their clamping assemblies, they had no means of capturing this data. A solution was required whereby the assembly team could prove that the torque applied to the fasteners was 50N·m.

To ensure a torque value of 50N·m had been applied to the clamping assemblies, Allsafe Scaffolding chose the NorTronic® electronic torque wrench for its ability to record and accurately measure applied torque. Allsafe Scaffolding routinely check a percentage of their pre-tightened joints, thus reducing any chance of under-torqueing. Allsafe have an unblemished safety record from their formation in 1993 with not one insurance claim or reportable accident in all that time. This isn’t down to luck – It’s because they implement the latest safety techniques and measures in keeping with European standards and best practices.